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Located in:     City Hall

                     501 Park Road

                     Pleasant Grove, AL 35127


Telephone:     (205) 744-1726

Fax #:            (205) 744-9556


John Johnson, Public Works Director

Pam Johnson, Secretary


Hours of operation:    7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.   Monday through Thursday

                                          7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Friday



Street Department Information:


The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the city infrastructure. Any issues with road drainage, street improvements, traffic signs or right-of-ways should be addressed to this department. Problems with county through roads, which includes Park Road, Pleasant Grove Road, 4th Street and 5th Avenue, should be reported to Jefferson County Roads and Transportation Department at (205) 325-5157.


To avoid drainage problems along city streets, do not place yard debris in the street, in gutters or drainage ditches or around any drain outlets or storm water collection boxes. Yard debris generated by the homeowner should be bagged for removal by Waste Management. Professional lawn services and commercial tree cutters are responsible for removal of all limbs, logs, clippings, etc generated as part of the job or contract.


Our Public Works employees install the Christmas street light ornaments annually and assist with the Pleasant Grove Christmas Parade as a service to our citizens. They are responsible for cleanup of the park and cut the grass in the park and along all the city right-of-ways.


Recycling Information:


A recycle bin is available at City Hall for paper, plastic and aluminum products. No recycling is available for oil, paint cans or tires.


Animal Control for Domestic Animals:


Animal control is provided on a part-time or as needed basis by Public Works employees. For assistance with vicious dogs after hours of operation, please call 911.


City of Pleasant Grove Ordinance #215 provides for the restraint and control of dogs at all times and it is a violation within the city limits of Pleasant Grove to allow dogs to run at large. The leash law states that the animal shall be under restraint by its owner or person having charge or control by a leash, cord, chain, or fenced yard in order to insure the animal remains upon the private residence. When an animal is picked up it is transported to the Birmingham Jefferson Animal Control Shelter located at 6227 5th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35212 and it will be at the owner’s expense to have the animal returned.


Contact Information:


To report a water leak, please contact Birmingham Water Works at (205) 244-4000.


To report a sanitary sewer problem, please contact Jefferson County Environmental Services at 942-0681.


To report gas leaks, call Alagasco at (205) 326-8200


After hours emergencies, contact the Police Department at (205) 744-1735. Emergencies only.

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