Pleasant Grove Fire & Rescue

The City of Pleasant Grove Fire and Rescue Service strives to provide the highest quality service and protection to all citizens and visitors. We are committed to the preservation and protection of life, property and environment from the adverse effects of fire, medical, and hazardous conditions through sustained training, progressive education, and constant diligence to provide the highest level of customer service.

The Pleasant Grove Fire and Rescue Service is located at City Hall. We have 5 full-time Firefighters per shift, 24/7. The department is managed by the Director of Public Safety, Chief Robert Knight. Daily operations are overseen by Captain Richard Mathews, a 35 year veteran of the department.

The City of Pleasant Grove provides the highest quality, modern fire suppression and EMS equipment available. This allows us to maintain a current Class 4 ISO rating which results in low insurance cost for citizens and business. All Pleasant Grove Firefighters are trained to the minimum of Emergency Medical Technician, with 90% of personnel trained to the Paramedic level. All members receive annual ACLS certification training, designed to deal with all cardiac emergencies. We have the latest, modern cardiac monitor/defibrillators.

We offer other non-emergency services such as daily blood pressure screenings, public education programs, and assistance with smoke detectors. To successfully meet the needs of the community, we will continue to establish a mindset that accepts no short cuts in equipment, apparatus, and training required to maintain a commitment to excellence in service and protection. 

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