Let me take this time to lift up many of our community churches in Pleasant Grove for hosting Vacation Bible School. Year after year our churches plan the VBS event months in advance with youth lead activities. VBS has a made an impact on the life of young children and youth alike for years to come.   It is a joy to watch the kids laugh, learn and perform for the parents what they can learn in a short period of one week. Thank you to all the volunteers who commit their service for a worthy and long lasting cause.

I want to thank two officers with our Police Grove Police Department
for their time and service in our community, Lt. Jennifer Fredrick of 23 years and Officer Lee Powell. We wish them the very best in years to come.
They will be missed.

  would like to recognize another retiree at this time;   Reverend
Rick Yancy, of the Bible Missionary Church. Rev. Yancy served 35 years
in service. He and his church has been a huge asset to our city. Congratulations Brother Yancy and thank you for your service.

     During the summer season there are a lot of activities going on with the  students enjoying their time out of school. I would like to ask each of you to please be careful and watch for the kids riding their bikes or walking along the streets. Also, please instruct your child to watch for cars and be respectful and move out of the street when a vehicle is approaching. Also, below is a list of useful tips to help prevent personal property crimes:
Lock your vehicle, take your keys with you, do not leave valuable in plain view in your vehicle, keep lawn and other equipment around your home secured when not in use. Keep doors locked and use your security system when you are not at home. See it! Hear it! Report it! Let us know when you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

  In closing, there are a few more people I would like to recognize in
helping make our city beautiful for the month of July; Milton Marshall, Jimmy Cannon, Roger McDonald, Karen Duncan and all the ladies at  city hall. This is your city and we are proud to serve you and help keep  your city looking beautiful. Please do not hesitate to contact city hall if you have any questions. I hope each of you will have a safe and fun summer.      
                                                                             Jerry W. Brasseale, Mayor

City News

City Council meetings for month of September:
City Hall will be closed Monday, September 3rd, City Council Meeting will be held September 4, 2018 @ 7PM, Council Chambers

Monday, September 17, 2018 @ 7PM, Council Chambers

For information about Rental for Park Pavilions call 744-1726.

Municipal Court will be held in the Council Chambers on the last Tuesday of each month.
Court Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

For any information on Garbage Payment please call, 744-1728.

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