Every New Year brings about new opportunities.  New opportunites provide us a means to move our city forward.  Pleasant Grove is filled with residents who are willing and able to get involved to help keep our city progressing.  As your Mayor I thank each of you who have given your time, effort and ideas to help advance our city.

Each of us will have an opportunity to help "Spring Clean" our city.  On Saturday, March 17, our Beautification Board is asking our residents to come together in the parking lot of Bethel Baptist Church at 8:00am to help clean up our city.  We will be provided with collection materials and broken into groups with assigned areas of our city.  Litter that clutters our city is an ongoing challenge.  This is not a new issue however it is steadily growing more into an eyesore for those who visit our city and for those who live here.  Please mark your calendars and make
this day a day you will help "Keep Pleasant Grove Clean".

As Mayor I can assure you that no one loves this city as much as I and your elected officals.  Our city has
qualified employees who have been on the job for many years and who are working hard for our city
and residents.  Each employee on staff at city hall, library, police and fire department do a great job
providing essential city services and keeping our city safe.  Take time to visit your city departments and
meet those who are working for you.  The city council meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday.
We encourage you to attend city council meetings where you will have the opportunity to address your
elected officials with questions or comments.  Stay involved and up to date on city business by attending
city council meetings.

In closing, each of you has the power to impact the community you live in.  Working together we will
continue to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us that will help move our city forward and
keeping us "The Good Neighbor City" that we can all be proud of.  Please visit our city's website at
www.cityofpg.net.  You will find updated information regarding city news, council meetings dates, city contacts,
municipal court, upcoming events and much more.  My door is always open and I am proud to be serving as your Mayor.
Jerry W. Brasseale, Mayor

City News

Council Meetings the Month of May: Monday, May 7, 2018 @ 7PM, Council Chambers

Monday, 21 2018 @ 7PM, Council Chambers

For information about Rental for Park Pavilions call 744-1726.

Municipal Court will be held in the Council Chambers on the last Tuesday of each month.

For any information on Garbage Payment please call, 744-1728.

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