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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Pleasant Grove:

Who do I call about:

   Call City Clerks office at 744-1720, option # 2 or call the Board of
   Registers at 325-5550.  New residents may register to vote in the
   Pleasant Grove Library or the Jefferson County Court House. 
 Street Lights/Outage 

 Call City office:  744-1720

 Water leaks or breakage
  To report water leaks (meter) call Birmingham Water 
  Works at 205-244-4000.  To report water breaks 205-244-4082
 Garbage Pick-Up   
   If you have or questions about the garbage billing service or 
   to start service call:  744-1728.
   Waste Management Holidays are:  New Years Day, July 4th, 
   Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
 Leaves    744-1728

 Animal Control

   Call BJC Animal Control  205-591-6522

 Street Signs

   Call the Police Department - 744-1735 
   or Monday thru Friday Street Department 744-1726
 Tree Trimming    City trims the "right of way" limbs, bushes, etc.  If there are limbs
   that are on your property that over hang in the "right of way" and you
   do not want the city to trim them, you need to trim them.
Youth Sports
 Park Board Office  -  744 1726
Rental of Park
Park Board Office  -  744 1726
Senior Citizens
Meet each Friday @ the Community Center for fun and games.

 Recycle Bin

Located behind City Hall
Outdoor Burning
   IT IS illegal to pollute our air.  Be considerate of others.  Do not Burn.
Scout Troops meet weekly on Monday @ 7 PM at the Scout Hut
behind the elementary school.  Call  Tim Hughes at 744-4837
or 213-8279.
Warrant Information
 Police Department - 744 1735.  They will guide you regarding the 
procedures to obtain a warrant.  You may also call the court clerk
at 744-1721 between the hours of 7:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday thru

Shop the Grove First!

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Supporting Pleasant Grove Business locations first keeps tax revenue local and helps build a better community and enhances services. Please support some of our great and friendly merchants!

Pay Your Garbage Bill Online!

trashcanPay your garbage bill online to save time! More information can be found in the Sanitation section of this website.


Photo Gallery

photo gallery_iconBrowse our photo gallery to see pictures from around the city including updated storm recovery and current events!

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